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Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 Modification - preface
QC Pro 3000 Basics
Housing detail
Cam PCB close-up
Cam assembly - front view
Cam assembly - back view
Modification of a QC Pro 3000
Vertical CCD Drivers
Layout Disclaimer
QC mod - Working area detail
Working area - different view
Shutter pin
Soldering points
Almost done
Power connection
Finally done...
New Cam Housing
My new cam
Housing sketch
Bayonet ring mounted
Cam with 50mm lens
Cam with holder
Tube and cam
Mounted and ready to go
Finally finished ...
Peeking out ...
Dark Frames with Amp off
Philips ToUCam Pro (PCVC740k) Modification - preface
PCVC 740K Basics
Modification of a PCVC740K
740K SC cam
PCVC740K Design
Complete 740K SC cam
740K SC cam
740K SC cam
740K SC cam
740K SC cam
740K SC cam
740K SC cam
740K SC cam
740K SC cam
PCVC740KSC1.5 evaluation with Amp off
Creative ProEx
Creative Live Ultra
Artemis CCD Camera - Preface
Artemis CCD - Basics
Artemis CCD - Housing
Artemis CCD - Build
WcCtrl - Description
WcCtrl - Description 2
Download WcCtrl
Copyright License (no)Warranty
WcRmac - Description
Download WcRmac
Copyright License (no)Warranty
EpheLight - Description
Download EpheLight
Copyright License (no)Warranty
Astro Gallery
Image Gallery Viewer
Recent work
Solar System
Planetary Nebulas
Other Images
Hercules & Co  + airplane - direction west
Hercules & Co  + airplane - direction west (Constellations)
Earlier Work
My Messier Catalogue
Image processing
Artemis CCD beta
Image Gallery Viewer
My Circuit Layout
Raw Mode for BW CCD
Raw Mode for Color CCD
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