Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 Modification
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Explanations for the techno speak here

Taking pictures is an intention that I share with many others interested in stargazing.

First attempts with my old Canon F1 were pleasing but having a degree in computer science means that a PC and software has to be put in place ... ;-)

Looking through the Web I found people investigating in least expensive CCD technology - and I know instantly that this was my kind of business.

To contribute to this community I took the approach with the Logitech series of QuickCams namely the QuickCam Pro 3000 which is a nice Web Cam with CCD technology.

But before I got the Pro 3000 I had the QuickCam Web - beware, this is a CMOS cam with a real resolution of 320x240 and it does not well behave if it has to take low exposure photographs. As a Web cam it is quite OK.

Using SLR lenses with this CCD cam reveals that the cam can do much more than I expected when I used it out of the box the first time.

One issue I found is that the modified cam does work only with capture programs using the MS WDM Image driver - in AstroVideo for example you may choose this driver. In addition it is really required to set the cam to a low capture rate as suggested in the manual.  

You will find my thoughts, findings and achievements on the following pages. I hope that it may inspire some readers to take this step - feel free to comment but in the first place have fun with our hobby.

BTW: all pictures are taken with a Sony DSC-P50 digicam mostly in macro mode.

Cam Basics