Artemis CCD - Basics
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Just to the right I copied what Steve & Jon were writing for the Artemis CCD.

If you take a closer look it is revealing the following main components:

40MHz processor from Microchips
Sony CCD Vertical clock driver 
Sony ICX255 / 429 / 285 bw & color ExView CCD chips
USB 1.1 communications port 
The ADC is a ADS8322 from TI (16bit)
The CCD is sealed in a cold chamber and cooled to about 20 degrees below ambient with a peltier device.
The camera has a standard ST4 type guide port for interfacing with compatible mounts.
There is a webcam control port that can replace the parallel or serial connection and just require the modified webcam to have a standard USB connection back to the PC.

You may find the spec-sheets of the chips on the manufacturers web site (Sony and TI semiconductor branches).

Artemis CCD (429C)

Product specifications:
Multi CCD compatibility
Reprogrammable main processor
USB communications port
16 bit analogue to digital converter (ADC)
Peltier cooled CCD
Standard Guide port
Modified Webcam control