Modification of a PCVC740K
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Also the basics of the 740k modification are derived from the great work of Steve Chambers and the colleagues at QCUIAG

COPYRIGHT NOTICE! The inventor and author of the basic idea of this modification is Steve Chambers. The author is asking that the information about modification is not used by others for personal gain. Any individuals or companies wishing to produce commercial products based on the modifications shown on his website please contact him directly .

Basic work has  been done by modifying a Vesta WebCam and the one used is controlled by a Phillips SAA8115HL through a NEC uPD16510 vertical CCD driver.

The basic 740k modification is available among others following the links on Steve Chambers Web site and I did follow the path of Ashley Roeckelein.

I used the same 4066 modification that I had used for my Logitech cam. 

For the AmpOff I used first the standard approach with a transistor disconnecting the ground pin 9 while exposure - William Behrens presented his circuit with a 6.2V Zener diode to limit the voltage to the CCD amp circuit while exposure. This was starting point to my current design

An evaluation of this design can be found here (240kB page)

A word of caution....


Prepare your working area! Use ESD equipment. Fasten the cam to something.

Handle the cam with care and always protect the CCD surface.

I found the 740k mod a bit harder than the QC Pro 3000 mod as the NEC chips seems to have smaller pins than the Logi Cam.

I removed the CCD before modifying the cam because I had to put it on a peltier cooler. This makes the mod easier as you have full access to the pin 13.

The modified cam

AmpOff design