New Cam Housing
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The New Cam Housing
Following is a description of my new cam housing.

If your want to use your modified cam with a T2 thread adapter on a telescope or if you just want to make use of your SLR camera lenses with the web cam there might be some hints below.


The housing

I used an alu tube and the corresponding holder to make my new cam. A sketch is shown to the right.

To make an adapter for my Canon lenses I (mis)used an old 2x teleconverter which had a bayonet ring which could be unscrewed.

The ring could be mounted on the front side of the new cam housing. 

Usually you cannot make thread holes for the tiny screws and gluing steel on alu is not very feasible. So I drilled the 3 holes for the screws (3mm diameter) and used the plastic insulation of a 1.5mm household wire (removing the wire of course) as a 'wall plug' for the screws. This turned out to be a rigid fastening for the steel ring.


Cam assembly 

Preparing the modified cam assembly for installation requires another reused part - a bayonet cover also taken from the teleconverters backside.

It was exactly the size I used in diameter and depth. A hole let the cables go through.

I used acrylic glue to mount the cam PCB to the plastic cover - but the epoxy of the PCB is hard to glue. I had to wait and hold the two parts together until the dissolved plastic of the cover was hardened again (ca. 15 Min). There must be a better glue for this purpose but I did not had one at hand.

Finally a tape fixed the PCB and does also shield the cam electronic parts from being touched accidentally.  

A double sided tape holds the cam to the alu tube.

Now the tube with the cam can be inserted and mode to put the picture into focus.

I use the old cam lens to protect the CCD from dust at all time when the cam is not in use. Of course you have to remove it when the cam is used with lenses or with a telescope.


And finally............

This is a picture taken on the day of the first light of the cam with all the modifications shown above in normal exposure mode using the Canon 135mm lens.

My 'new' CCD cam

New lens bayonet

50mm lens mounted

Cam with holder

Tube and cam

Mounted and ready

All together