PCVC 740K Basics
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Just to the right I copied what Philips is writing for the ToUCam Pro (named 740k below)

If you take a closer look - means open the bottle - it is revealing the following main components:

Philips SAA8116HL Digital camera signal processor
NEC uPD16510 CCD Vertical clock driver 
Sony ICX098BQ Color 640x480 CDD chip 
4.5mm diag (type 1/4); pixel size 5.6Ám x5.6Ám
A bright green SMD LED 
(which causes some problems and has to be removed for long exposure imaging)
Wide-angle Lens
Switch and Microphone assembly
The housing (white egg)
The USB connector and cable

You may find the spec-sheets of the chips on the manufacturers web site (Sony and Philips semiconductor branches).

ToUCam Pro (PCVC 740K)

Product specifications:
High quality CCD sensor
Built-in microphone
Snapshot button and control light
Manual focus
Video capture: up to 640x480 pixels
Still image capture: up to 1280x960 pixels
Max. Frame rates per second (60 fps)

Some other pictures