Artemis CCD - Build
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Depending on the kit one has to populate and solder the boards with the components.

There are two boards one for the power supplies and one with main processor and analog circuits.

First prepare to work with the appropriate tools then get some experience with 'damagable' boards before going at the real device.

A word of caution....

Prepare your working area! Use ESD equipment. Fasten the cam to something.

Handle the cam with care and always protect the CCD surface.

As the camera supports multiple CCD chips one has to place icx255 and icx429 chips on a carrier board

Those ccd carriers do have an opening where a coldfinger can be put in. For my purpose a 4mm alu part worked well. Also the pins length is a bit critical as the ccd shall not touch the optical window later but also be fastened enough in the ic pins of the main board. I used a stripe of pins but soldered them even into the pcb - one may see it here.

In the end one can get nice images - but having used only webcams before the capturing and processing is quite different. Also exposure times are not longer in the <60sec range so prepare for guiding the scope.

The icx429AKL is a CMYG colour ccd that requires additional software to get the colour image from the raw CFA frame. AstroArt 3.0 has a nice plugin to do so. Properly exposed and processed the cam provides a sharp and neutral image.

Follow this link for the images taken so far.

Here an image with a 300mm Rubinar lens.


On LX90

Required tools

The power supply

The main circuits

All together

CCD carrier

Getting a color image