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I would like to thank to the people which helped me in this venture (mostly without knowing it)

Most likely this list is not complete - please apologize if you could not find your name / site. 


S. Chambers at

of course the QCUIAG - QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group

Bob at

S. Weiller at

E. Bryssinck at

J.P. Bourgeay - picture at

P.  Chevalley at Cartes du Ciel - great and free 

A. Roeckelein at

    and all other fans of the Quick Cam journey


Useful Links


The WebCam Raw Modification:

All about WebCams and much more:

Keiths MAC software:

Scientific WebCam:

Soldering basics and advanced info:

Common Controls Replacement Project: (not longer active, DL still available)

Jan Axelson INPOUT32.DLL

P.J. Naughter A class framework for Computational Astronomy

Manufacturer Links:

Artemis Cams:

Logitech QuickCams:

Philips Cam DSP:

SONY CCD and Driver Chips:

Lomo Astele telescopes:

Last modification: Mai 06