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WebCam utility to modify certain otherwise inaccessible settings.

Make sure you have read the readme file to avoid issues when installing the USB driver - check the original authors homepage for more information about a particular item.

V 0.1a Source and distribution V 0.1a


DeBayer Win32 DLL - makes use of an open source algorithm collection known as ImageCooker
V Source only V1.0.0.3



A Win Library DLL (ActiveX and simple import) which allows software control of most of the properties of a web cam. Completeness depends on made and model, SAA chip based CCD cameras have the best support.

Included is demo source code for plain cpp, a class and a VB6 app which uses the exported typelib. You may also do something like WcCtrl if this is your intent.

A short documentation of the API can be found here

Please note that the setup will require a password. You may obtain it by sending a request to the mail address shown below. Please provide a short description of your intended use. If you intend to use it for commercial or shareware development you have to obtain a proper license, private use or freeware development is granted for free.

V 1.10.79 DLL and sample code V 1.10.79  
  The Zip file contains a setup application which will only copy the files needed. If you want to use it with the VB application you must register the DLL with  regsvr32 DSwcOpen.dll

All software found here was developed for AstroImaging with WebCams -- see my homepage